Building a Healthy Community
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To construct a recreational facility that will give our community access to health programs, fitness equipment, and sports activities. 

The properties will be owned by the City of Netawaka. However, the city will not raise taxes to construct or operate the facility. Instead, a management agreement with the Hornet's Nest Sports Club, 501c3 nonprofit organization was established. HNSC has full control and oversight to raise funds for the construction and operation of the proposed facility. HNSC will continue to manage the facility and all programs included in order to influence healthy living for 21 years with the option to renew. 

Facility Name

The Zwonitzer Health and Fitness Facility named in honor of the main donors of this project. Jack and Bertha Zwonitzer raised their family in Netawaka in the 1940s and 50s. They owned the Snappy Inn Cafe. Their daugher Roberta (Bobbi) Zwonitzer Reiman and her husband Roy have graciously donated the majority of the facility costs.
The natatorium will be named The Bobbi Zwonitzer Natatorium.

Allow them to dream.....
Teach them to commit.....
And they will perform.
Mission Statement

To influence healthy living in rural communities by providing acess to physical fitness, health education, and youth/adult sports programs.

Geographical Focus: Netawaka, Kansas and surrounding towns.
Opportunities are still available to be part of this history making event. See Giving/Events page for ways you can support.